Vocabulary Videos

My English II students recently made vocabulary videos. I was impressed by their products, slightly in awe of their process, and thrilled that they had fun. I’ve been reflecting on why this was a good project, thinking about how I could make it better, and wondering how I could use it in more sophisticated ways. In this blog post I give background on the assignment and work through some of my reflections.

What I Wanted 

I watch a lot of Sesame Street–I have a five-year-old daughter–and one of our favorite segments is the word-of-the-day skit. Here’s an example:

These videos are instructional and funny. They define a vocabulary word and use it (a lot), usually in silly ways. The guest stars seem to have fun. Elmo is–well–Elmo. What’s not to like?

Or, the question I ask as a teacher: how could my students do something like this?

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